Exposing AIPAC

What is Expose AIPAC?

Expose AIPAC is a three-day summit being held to coincide with the AIPAC National Summit occurring October 13-15 in Boston.

We are convening the summit in order to expose the corrupt practices of the political lobby American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the broader Israel lobby of which it is a part. Over the course of these three days we will hold a people’s forum with noted activists, public intellectuals, and policymakers to discuss AIPAC’s corrupting influence over American foreign policy and domestic politics along with a day of defiance and speaking out within earshot of the AIPAC National Summit.


Exposing AIPAC: Video 1 of 2

Exposing AIPAC: Video 2 of 2

Occupy Consciousness III Video

The presenters offered their reflections on Istvan Meszaros’ work and relate that to the current situation. The presenters contend that the American mind is stocked with the categories, symbols and rules of the 1 percent and that it is absolutely necessary to start discarding and restocking with the relevant structures of the 99 percent.

Irv Kurki, coordinator for essential discussions, on “The Roots of Capital”

Doug Enaa Greene, member of the Kasama Project and an activist at Occupy Boston, on “Overcoming Alienation”

Sponsoring Journal: Monthly Review

Occupy Consciousness III: Video 1 of 2

Occupy Consciousness III: Video 2 of 2

Richard Levins on Dialectics

Richard Levins is an activist for Puerto Rican independence, Harvard Professor and ecologist: here professor Levins covers a wide range of topics from climate change to evolution to sugar metabolism and workers’ struggles to illustrate the scope of dialectical inquiry.

Richard Levins on Dialectics: Video 1 of 2

Richard Levins on Dialectics: Video 2 of 2