Vijay Prashad today at 3:30

Noam Chomsky talked yesterday to over flowing crowds. Video forthcoming. Don’t miss Vijay Prashad today, the author of  “Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World.”


9 thoughts on “Vijay Prashad today at 3:30

  1. I keep trying to get the word out about this lecture series. Has anyone tried to reach professors at the University Of Georgia? There are some great radical thinkers here!

    Chad Munsey

  2. Dear Chad,
    We have no funds and are operating this ourselves. It would be hard to get people from Athens up here. However, I am sure you can organize events in Athens. We are just a group of us doing this on our own. We got to take advantage of this democratic moment.

    • Are you serious? I can’t! organize anything! I’m just a waiter! Damn, Contact “Old School” UGA tenured professors!!!! Think Charlene Hunter Gault!! Sorry, Can’t Organize for you.

      As far as funds, Where can I send my 5$!

  3. I also want to let you know. I’m living paycheck by paycheck, tip by tip. This is scary. I love my customers! They love me! But, not many people can afford to go out to lunch anymore.

    • However, Give me leads and I can follow them up! Maybe, Y’all have been getting emails from Athens. Thats the only reason I can think of that you would be contacting me.

  4. How can I talk in private…

    That’s what the previous post should have said…

    I’m not very good at editing…

    Ohh, well… I think everyone gets the point I am getting at.

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