First Lecture Today

Victor Wallis gave our first lecture today. It went very well. There was a lot of good discussion and Victor gave a very nice summary of how we got in our present situation. We should have video of the lecture soon. We also have an updated schedule with more speakers confirmed. We are trying to figure out the best times for starting the lectures. Any feedback in the comments section would be welcome. We were thinking of moving the weekday lectures to 6pm. But we have many more teach-in this week.

Tomorrow, October 14 2:30 #Occupy Boston Economics Forum

Saturday, October 16, 3:30 Nicole Aschoff “Neoliberal Dispossesion and the Demand for Demands”

October 20 Gary Leupp- Tufts Historian and frequent contributor to Counterpunch.

October 23 Vijay Prashad- Author of The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World

October 27 Chad Montrie- Author of People’s History of Environmentalism in the United States

October 29 or 30 Fred Magdoff- Editor of the Monthly Review.


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