More Lectures Added

We have more lectures added. Vijay Prashad, author of “The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World” will be speaking October 23. Another Lecture has been added by the Dollar and Sense Collective which is organizing the Occupy Boston Economics Forum.  Juliet Schor, Sociology Department, Boston College, will give a talk entitled
“Why Unemployment Is So High and How We Can Reduce It” on Friday October 14 at 2:30. We will also have a talk by Chad Montrie based on his new book A People’s History of Environmentalism in the United States”. Updated fliers coming soon. Please spread the word


One thought on “More Lectures Added

  1. We would also like to extend an invitation for anyone to attend our Open Classroom Series of lectures at Northeastern University. Wednesday evenings 6 to 8 pm. This series, begun four years ago, take a graduate policy seminar and opens it to the public free-of-charge (the handful of enrolled students taking it for credit still pay their tuition though). Each semester has a different theme. This semester examines “The Role of Government in the 21st Century.” Each week focuses on a different topic within that theme. For instance, last week we focused on Income and Wealth Inequality. Last night’s was on Rights vs. Market Goods. Next week, on 10/19, will be a lecture on Milton vs. Friedman.
    See the website for more information:

    We realize that the invitation is to lectures that take place on campus and not at the Occupy Boston site, but perhaps it’s more for folks who have not committed to be at the site during this time.

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