Lecture Schedule and Flier

We have some lectures. We are also coordinating with the #Occupy Boston Economics Forum organized by the Dollar and Sense Collective. The schedule so far is:

October 13, Thursday, 4:30 Victor Wallis (Berklee) “Roots of the Current Crisis.”

October 14, Friday, 4:00 Alejandro Reuss  (Smith) “Class and the Shift in the Distribution of Income Against Workers and in Favor of Capitalists” ( #Occupy Boston Economics Forum)

October 15, Saturday, 3:30 Nicole Aschoff (Boston University) “Neoliberal Dispossession and the Demand for Demands”

October 20, Thursday 5:00 Confirmed Future Speakers: Gary Leupp (Tufts)  “Elite Control Over US Foreign Policy: Lessons from Vietnam, to Iraq, to Today.”

The fliers can be found here Lecturesflier and half-page fliers at Lecturesflier-halfpage. Please help us publicize.


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